Professional interpreting services

Interpreting services

Interpreters with full mastery of the cultural and thematic context

Professional interpreting services go well beyond knowledge of the translation’s target language. Indeed, quality service means the interpreters must have thorough knowledge of the cultural and thematic context of the work at hand.

ITC Worldwide’s multidisciplinary interpreting teams therefore specialise in corporate, marketing, investment, property and legal contexts as well as in global security and technical innovation, among many other areas.



In simultaneous interpreting the interpreter translates the original speech in real time. It is the most dynamic and fluid kind of interpreting, appropriate for most events, though from the technical standpoint it is more demanding for the interpreter regarding language mastery and translation context.

This mode makes use of various audiovisual resources, including soundproof translation booths, audience headphones and technical support.


This kind of interpreting is ideal for work environments involving small groups, business meals, press conferences or high level technical meetings, among others.

In consecutive interpreting the interpreter translates the original message immediately after it is spoken. The translation is therefore intermittent, with pauses between segments of the speech or conversation being interpreted.


Also known as chuchotage, simultaneous interpreting in a low voice is an excellent solution for interviews, visits or business meetings, among other contexts, where everyone understands the main conversation language except one or two participants.

This ITC service is usually most effective when used among a small number of speakers/participants.


In liaison or business interpreting the interpreter must be fluent in all the speakers’ languages and have a thorough knowledge of their cultural, social, political and corporate context, etc.

This ITC Worldwide premium interpreting service, in which the interpreter plays a facilitating or helpful role when necessary, contributes to the client’s success in negotiation environments of all kinds.


Interpreting using the Infoport system via wireless mobile devices provides excellent support in guided visits of all kinds, whether involving tourism, heritage explanation, industrial facility tours or trips made for other kinds of gatherings or events.

Due to its lengthy experience in event support and event planning, ITC Worldwide guarantees top quality in all technical aspects associated to interpreting services.

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