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In simultaneous interpreting the interpreter translates the original speech in real time. It is the most dynamic and fluid kind of interpreting, appropriate for most events, though it is more demanding from the technical standpoint.


The interpreter translates the original message immediately after it is spoken. The translation is therefore intermittent, with pauses between segments of the message being interpreted.


This kind of interpreting is also called chuchotage. It is ideal for interviews, visits and meetings where everyone shares the working language except for one or two participants.


In the business or liaison mode, besides knowing the languages of all speakers, the interpreter has also mastered their cultural and/or corporate context. It is thus ideal for business environments.


This mode is based on the use of wireless devices and is recommended for guided trips, factory tours or professional visits in situ, as well as meetings in transit.


Our services include translation into any language of all kinds of texts, including corporate, scientific/technical and legal documents, publications, multimedia presentations, websites and mobile device applications, among others.


This service involves designing an event’s technical plan and providing all means needed to ensure its success: audiovisual support, multimedia resources, live streaming and real-time social network management, etc.

Making your vision go global

To overcome barriers using highly specialised services implemented and managed by professionals: that is the corporate policy of ITC Worldwide, a company with a global outlook which provides services in the areas of translation and interpreting, as well as multimedia support and assistance for planning events of all kinds. Our multidisciplinary team and international network of collaborators enable us to provide coverage for clients anywhere in the world.


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